organized by Socrates Stratis (UCY, RRC) & Angela Melitopoulos (UEL, Goldsmiths)

John Palmesino


Cyprus and the World Without Borders

Cyprus is a knot on a vast net of relations, logistic infrastructures, procedures, protocols, supply chains, field operations that the UN Peace Operations is extending throughout the world to oversee its peacekeeping missions. This vast network is not an abstract phenomena:

it operates on the ground and reshapes the terrain by means of new infrastructures, border checkpoints, camps, buffer zones, airports, ports, roads, hospitals, offices, compounds, etc.

Aristide Antonas


Nicosia Water Tanks

Nicosia Water Tanks is a project on the water infrastructure of divided Nicosia. It consists on the creation of a system of archives that "describe" the city's water networks. The water infrastructure of Nicosia is mainly constructed after the traumatic stabilization of the city in 1974. After 1974 the water supply in the south could not depend any more to the important water source of Morphou that was located in the north; two different water supply networks (overlapping in some parts) exist thus in Nicosia. Both networks encounter problems due to the quality of water and the difficulty of finding it and circulating it. The sewerage infrastructure was funded by the United Nations after 1974 and is the only shared infrastructure of the divided city.

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