Yiannis Papadakis

City Tour

This walk explores various spatial dimensions of Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus that eventually came to be divided in 1974. Capitals are generally regarded as the spaces exemplifying nationalist ideologies, and in Nicosia these processes acquired added urgency due to the ethnic conflict that took place in Cyprus, leading to almost obsessive efforts to inscribe the national Self on the landscape and erase the Other. At the same time, other social groups critical of nationalist ideologies have been able to employ ‘in-between’ spaces in Nicosia in order to articulate critiques of nationalism and foster interethnic cooperation. The multiple displacements of the inhabitants of Nicosia, as well as attempts to establish their own ‘places’ are compared with those of other displaced groups, namely the foreign migrants that gradually came to live there.

Yiannis Papadakis gained his PhD in Social Anthropology and has been teaching at the University of Cyprus. His work focused on issues of nationalism, ethnic conflict, social memory and representations of the past, including history teaching. He is author of Echoes from the Dead Zone: Across the Cyprus Divide (IBTauris 2005), co-editor of Divided Cyprus: Modernity, History and an Island in Conflict (Indiana University Press 2006) and editor of a special issue of Postcolonial Studies on Cyprus (9:3, 2006).

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