Aristide Antonas

Nicosia Water Tanks
Keywords: water, archive, Nicosia, network, infrastructure

Nicosia Water Tanks is a project on the water infrastructure of divided Nicosia. It consists on the creation of a system of archives that "describe" the city's water networks. The water infrastructure of Nicosia is mainly constructed after the traumatic stabilization of the city in 1974. After 1974 the water supply in the south could not depend any more to the important water source of Morphou that was located in the north; two different water supply networks (overlapping in some parts) exist thus in Nicosia. Both networks encounter problems due to the quality of water and the difficulty of finding it and circulating it. The sewerage infrastructure was funded by the United Nations after 1974 and is the only shared infrastructure of the divided city.
The project assembles material (pictures and films) from existing archives of the water network services of the north and the south. Interviews from the directors of the departments, explaining the state of the networks, are added to this expanding pool of documents. Photos from the dry dams of Troodos Mountain, or pictures and drawings that describe details of the network’s equipment, photos from the first desalination unit, that is based on israeli technology, videos from the sewerage control robots that inspect the network but also photos of some swimming pools of Nicosia, a small collection of objects, prints and uniforms (used by the sewerage personnel to enter the main pipes) form a thematic assemblage of archives. The project does not only consist on the piling of the new documents in a formed platform but more on the possibilities of rearrangements of this idiosyncratic "documentation". The project is done with the collaboration of Armin Linke.

Aristide Antonas, Athens is an architect and a writer with a PhD on Philosophy (Nanterre Paris X), assistant professor of architecture (Volos School of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Greece), co-curator for the Greek Pavillion, Venice Biennale 2004, co-founder of Built Event, spatial practices for architecture, art, curating and urbanism, presented in Barcelona Landscape Biennale 2006, Sao Paulo Biennale of Architecture 2007, Galleria Contemporaneo, Mestre, Italy, 2008. Antonas office has constructed vacation houses and interiors in Greece and functions also as a research studio, dealing with no commissioned work; 2 books printed in Greece on both built and research work. Lectures in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Instituto Universitario de Architetura de Venezia (IUAV), Architectural Association, London (AA), University of Cyprus Program of Architecture. Writer of 6 literature books in Greece, 2 theater plays performed by Éclats d'États, France.

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